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All New PC Gaming Lounge

Its ‘Game On’ for Rainford tech company

26 Jul 2021 A local tech company is building on its early success, by expanding its offer to customers, with the addition of an exciting new, state-of-the-art Gaming Lounge. Chamber Members, Tech Guys 360 Ltd, offers a full range of phone, tablet and computer repairs. Since moving to its new premises within Rainford Village Hall two years ago, the company has experienced growth, well beyond expectations. However, business owner Neil Smith, is not resting on his laurels. His plans for a Gaming Lounge started many months ago as a germ of an idea. When Neil was presented with the opportunity to take on extra premises, he decided to turn the idea into reality. Neil says: “It was just too good an opportunity to miss really. We now have the extra space, we have the knowledge and skills to build the best gaming equipment possible. There are a lot of gamers out there who we think will love our gaming lounge when they see it and experience it.” Tech Guys 360 PC Lounge has many platforms and games available, including F1 VR Racing, COD, FIFA, Rocket League and many more. It will host group bookings and also hold weekly events and competitions. Its not just about the equipment and the surroundings though. Neil sees this as a way for gamers to become more involved with other gamers in the real world. The lounge will be a place where they can meet face to face, compete with each other in the same room and then have a coffee afterwards. “Gamers tend to shut themselves off, and they pretty much just game constantly” says Neil, “So they don’t interact with anybody other than through their headsets. By coming to our lounge they can interact with likeminded people face to face, whist at the same time enjoying their gaming passion.” Its not all about the hard-core gamers though, Neil is confident that the local community and other local businesses will benefit from his new venture. He says, “We intend to host all manner of group events, from birthday parties to company team building events. We are talking to other local businesses to help us as well. For example, Reds Café will be providing us with catering if needed”. The Tech Guys 360 Gaming Lounge opened its doors on the 26th of July. Whether you’re a gamming whiz kid, or you just want to see what all the fuss is about, you will receive a warm welcome from the Tech Guys. To find out more about Tech Guys 360’s gamming lounge, and to reserve your station, visit

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