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Welcome to St Helens one of a kind Gaming Suites where we provide high spec hardware which enables you to be fully involved in the games allowing you to immerse yourself in the world and identify with the characters, which makes you play harder, smarter and more strategic. As a result, through immersion you can become a better gamer and get more out of the game


PC Gaming Suite

The first of its kind in Rainford, St Helens the PC Gaming suite is a place for all ages to join in the fun, meet friends and play computers games together or individually.  

Come and join us in our PC gaming suite where our venue boasts 12 high powered PCs  incorporating 3 multi screen driving simulators also available are virtual reality driving simulators which will allow yourself to immerse into the game. Play the latest video games, from Fortnite, Call of Duty, MineCraft, Rocket League.


Console Gaming Suite

Our Console suite where gamers can comfortably enjoy a variety of AAA-rated titles on either a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, including FIFA, Fortnite, Halo infinite, COD can all be played on one of our 32” 144Hz curved displays. The consoles are complimented by controllers and wireless headsets, and will allow gaming for up to six people at a time.


Retro Gaming

Situated within our Console suite  is our all new Retro gaming station incorporating literally thousands of old school games including Pac-Man🕹 and Space Invaders👾👾👾 from Atari, ZX Spectrum, Commodore64, Nintendo SNES and Sega,

Group Bookings / Parties

Why not book The Gaming Suite for that special event.  Featuring multiple games of your choice throughout the session, some friendly competition in mini tournaments, as well as casual fun for Gamers of all skills.

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Birthday Parties / Special Events

Our incredibly popular gaming BIRTHDAY PARTIES are a fantastic choice if your child loves gaming.  The experience of playing all of their favourite games with their friends.  Here at THE GAMING SUITE  we can offer amazing parties for up to 19 players.  The Gaming Suite brings PCs, Xbox, PlayStation, fun to you for Minecraft, Fortnite, FIFA & more for stress free parties. Catering can also be provided at an additional fee. 


Corporate events

Looking for Corporate indoor games for your next event? The GAMING SUITE are committed to providing an inclusive gaming environment where everyone can have fun while feeling safe and respected. 

Video gaming is a recreational and entertaining activity that provides many benefits to players that go beyond entertainment.  

Here at The Gaming Suite We believe playing video games helps develop interpersonal skills, boosts a sense of accomplishment and develops the ability to perform under pressure. Playing video games stimulates the brain and can help to develop memory, concentration skills and attention to detail and allows players to strengthen bonds with other people by encouraging cooperation and competition together. 

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Special Requests

The Gaming Suite can also provide entertainment for Weddings or other special celebrations booked through Rainford Parish Council.  We are independent so we can tailor our private functions to suit you.  Looking for that extra special memorable touch to your celebration we have got you covered. We are available for private hire party’s and functions! Experience a great event and let us take care of your little ones for a while whilst you enjoy the comfortable surroundings and your little one’s experience awesome video gaming including PCs, PS, Xbox.

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