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SEN (Special Education Needs)


A lot of things have been said about gaming in the past, they have been called addictive and harmful to children and adults. However, studies have indicated that is not true for everyone and that many individuals who suffer from autism can benefit greatly from picking up a vIdeo game controller and playing to the hearts desire.  How?  Here are are some of the ways identified……


Social Skills

As technology advances video games are becoming more interactive, and immersive  enabling gamers to connect to others all over the world.  Individuals with Asperger’s or on the autism spectrum can learn new social skills by playing games such as the interactive Fortnite game, as this eliminates the need for intimidating face to face interactions.  This allows video gamers to learn to communicate and to interact whilst feeling comfortable within their own environment,  the game provides that common ground, so they don’t have to think about things to talk about and the interaction and communication is all about THE GAME.


Be Comfortable making MISTAKES


Everyone makes mistakes, especially playing video games as it i an integral component to most games.  if you didn’t you would immediately win the game and that wouldn’t be much fun would it?  This is one of the most important and powerful methods of learning in general.  People with Autism, making mistakes can be a source of of fear and stress, so allowing individuals with autism to play video games helps them become more comfortable with the idea of not being perfect, which provides a very important ‘ beneficial skill for the future.


Motor Skills

Many people on the autism spectrum often lack motor skills, but these skills can easily be improved upon by playing video games that require physical movement, such as Virtual Reality Gaming, these systems require you to act out actions you want your virtual character to make in the game, so gamers have to learn how to control their bodies.   Gaming in general can help fine motor skills and  hand eye co-ordination.




Video games by their nature require flexible thinking and adapting to new situations.  This is often problematic for people with autism as they maybe rigid in the way they approach problems and how they go about their day to day routines.  Many teachers and therapists who work with individuals with autism focus on trying to get them to become more flexible and accepting of changes in their environment, and one way to do this is with video games. Gamers will quickly learn they must adapt their strategy with each new level of the game otherwise they won’t be able to progress.  Unique challenges become available with each new level or round within the game, which forces the gamer to think on his or her feet to come up with a solution to the problem.  Putting children or adults in these situations will be uncomfortable at first but if they want to continue playing the game they will have no choice but to become more flexible in their way of thinking.  Games such as Minecraft are opportunities to improve cognitive flexibility and overtime, this will help individuals improve their problem solving skills and handle challenges in the real world.


Schools Rewards


Video games can be an incredibly powerful tool for motivating and engaging students.  Using educational games as a reward for achievement and good behaviour is an excellent way to turn learning into fun.


There are a couple of advantages to this. First, it helps you to set the necessary limits, ensuring that your students have their priorities straight when they come into The Gaming Suite.  Second, and maybe best of all, it disguises their learning. They think they’re getting a treat for good behaviour or strong performance–but what they’re really getting is more knowledge masquerading as play!


If you haven’t heard of the game Minecraft, there’s a good chance you have been living on a different planet.  Minecraft is what Is known  to us as a “sandbox” game.  It’s an open virtual world where the player does not need to have any particular goals or direction in the mind in order to experience success. Minecraft is a game of discovery, construction,  and learning.  It’s being used in a variety of school settings to teach skills like mathematics, physics, history and reading comprehension.  In addition sandbox games like Minecraft can help kids with autism develop creativity, flexibility, and other important thinking skills. 


Children who play Minecraft practice a variety of thinking and problem-solving skills on a regular basis, like planning when designing a new building or mapping out a farm, flexibility when learning to “craft” new objects, and organisational skills to keep track of materials they have accumulated and ensure that they are safe from enemy creatures.


Here at The Gaming Suite we have two individual suite’s available for hire.  One offering 12 high spec Gaming Machines 3 of which are driving simulators.  We can can also include coding (Scratch) for educational purposes if required .  The second suite provides 6 latest gaming consoles and a Retro Station, which can be utilised for educationally purposes e.g history of Gaming.


Our suites can be booked exclusivley to individual schools to create a totally safe and secure environment for students and Staff.

Our unique software controls all age restricted content and full remote access to support teaching staff should it be required.

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